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Soap Products in Savannah, Georgia

At Savannah Soaps, we offer two different lines of soap for you to choose from. No matter what type of soap you choose, we always have the perfect products to meet your cleaning needs. Contact us today to place an order.



Ocean Mist™

Our Ocean Mist soap is popular among customers on the coast. The wrappers on this soap have a peach background with a starfish, coral, or shell design. The soap comes in 1.5-ounce bars, which are packed 500 to a case. We also offer 3.0-ounce boxes that are packed 100 to a case.

Our line of Ocean Mist conditioning shampoo and hand and body lotion is packed 144 to a case. We have hand and body lotion, conditioning shampoo, bath gel, and body gel in bottles of 1.0 fluid ounces—packed 144 to a box. For large orders, be sure to inquire about our gallon-size bottles of Ocean Mist conditioning shampoo and hand and body lotion.


Nature's Essence™

The wrapper for this soap is bright yellow with green and blue waves on the front. We offer Nature's Essence complexion soap in 1.5-ounce bars that are packed 500 to a case. You can also choose from conditioner, shampoo, and hand and body lotion in 1.0 fluid ounce bottles—packed 144 to a case.



Stock your business with top-quality soap products from our cleaning supply distribution business in Savannah, Georgia.