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Soap Manufacturers in Savannah, Georgia

At Savannah Soaps, we offer a wide variety of custom soap products that are made from top-quality American products. Choose from a wide variety of soap products, including our ever-popular Ocean Mist™, Nature's Essence™, and Avalon™ soaps. Contact us today to place an order.

Your Favorite Soap Manufacturers
We offer a wide range of soap products that range in color from beige to white to green to blue. Our business also carries a selection of fragrant perfumes, lotions, and shampoos for you to choose from. Shampoos and lotions come in clear bottles while our soaps are packaged in custom wrappings for private labels. Be advised, however, that these custom wrappings are only available if you order a certain quantity of soap.

Shipping Details
We handle shipping by truck, with the typical customer ordering anywhere from 50 to 100 cases at a time. Our team also offers discounted pricing for people who want to order just a few cases here and there. Our goal is to make ordering soap from us as easy and convenient as possible.

Lotion, Soap Manufacturers in Savannah, GA

Get in touch with our soap manufacturers in Savannah, Georgia, to order wholesale soap and cleaning products for your business.